Top 10 Most Beautiful Tourist Place in Nepal

Top 10 Most Beautiful Tourist Place in Nepal.

Nepal is one of the most beautiful country all over the world.Lot of tourist are comes in this country for spend their vacation time and enjoyed. Nepal local economy are comes from the tourism.

1.Kathmandu:  Kathmandu is biggest and most popular city in Nepal.It is also capital city of Nepal. Lot of historical patterns available in this city. It is a most populated city ever.Kathmandu situated 1400 meters above sea level. Kathmandu history for Nepal mandala, newar culture ,cultivation and for the Himalayas .After the kingdom nepali govment make park,restaurant ,bar,mansion,and other economic growth.


2.Annapurana circuit: Annapurana circuit is a most beautiful tourist place mountain range in Nepal .This route 160-230 kilometer long from central Nepal.You need to depend on motor vehicles for tour in annapurana  circuit mountain there is no airlines flight. Annapurana trek cross two river .In this place mountain scenery are awesome like you seen a painting photography.This circuit are marked world top distance trek ever.This place road are awesome,you can use a mountain bike for travelling.

3.Pokhara: Pokhara is one of the most biggest city in Nepal .Everyone know it’s second name also called natural capital all of the Nepal.In this place are situated  five pond therefore its’s name panch pokhari.It is the second most beautiful and tourist place in Nepal.A lot of population are live in this city.It is the second largest city after the capital city Kathmandu.

4.Chitwan National park: Chitwan National park in 19th century nepali population and other tourist used hunting in winter season,every kind of people joined this season who are loved hunting animal,birds even they enjoyed it very much. Most of royal tiger lives in this forest .Every kind of animal are available in this park. It is a big national park in Nepal. Who are love adventure and animal they must visit in this park when they tour in Nepal.It is a big tourist attractive platform. Most of kid are enjoyed visit in this ground with  big elephant.

5.Lumbini: Most attractive place lumbini in Nepal. Nepali People believe lumbini is the birthplace of the lord Buddha. Buddha was born in this garden in 563 bce .Lumbini situated rupandehi district,Nepal. Buddha religion started from this place. One of the most holies place this lumbini all over the world most of people believe who are hindu,and Buddha .Now-a-days this place lumbini is most attractive tourist place. Nepali govment create park select around this lumbini.

6.Mount Everest : Worlds largest mountain Everest situated in Nepal and china international border. Mount Everest is a wonderful place Nepal. It is a worlds big mountain. It’s height 8848 m from sea level. Lot of tourist visit in this place for sea highest mountain all over the world,Even when you see this scenery you feel a different feelings that how much big this world. Some of adventure lover try to walking on this.People known as this Mother of the Earth. However In this place has a camp it’s really awesome.If you visit Nepal do not miss to see this place.

7.Rara Lake: Rara lake is situated in mugu district in Nepal.It is an another wonderful place. Rara lake famous for her fresh water even it is the very biggest and deepest lake in Nepal.It’s attitude 2990 m above sea level ,water surface 4.2 sq mi. Sometimes fall snow and temperature will be minus.Perfect time to visit in this place april-october

8.Bhaktapur Durbar: Bhaktapur Durbar is another historical place in Nepal .It is a royal place. It is a history for bhaktapur people own kingdom . Bhaktapur is situated 1400 meters above sea level. This place location in bhaktapur. It has a nickname bhadgaon. Interesting things in this place 13 kilometers east Kathmandu situated . Lot of castle are available in this place .

9.Janakpur: Janakpur is quick developing city in Nepal .Even it is a sub-metropolitan city. Their is a good facilities for health,school,college,tourism and other.This place have a history,nepali people believe that it is the birthplace of sita and jhankai .

10. Phewa lake: Phewa lake located kaski in pokhara city .It is another biggest lake in Nepal.It’s around nature scenery are mind blowing .This lake shows annapurana mountain shadow all over that’s add another beauty .It is the second biggest lake in Nepal for fresh water .All tourist never missed to visit this place.It is the queen of beauty.