How to rank youtube videos in 2018

Top secret youtube video Ranking Factor 2018 Updated.

Youtube is second largest search engine and one of the top social media.It is a public video views website.Everyday  huge of traffic visit in this website .And huge of video can be uploaded everyday by new content publisher .Youtube  is a product of google.Publisher make content and upload in youtube, and youtube gives a payment with base third  party visitor views of publisher content.If they interested,and video will be viral content publisher can get a good amount from google adsense program.

However,400 hour video uploaded per minute in youtube.So it is a very competition to ranking your content.Video ranking boost have some secret technique if you know that well you can boost your video ranking definitely.
In this post we discuss some secret youtube video ranking tips,And it is the most effective ranking factor to optimizing your youtube presence.Read the article and known very well to achieve your big success in youtube.

1.Keyword Research from keyword planner

Which is your targeting keyword for your video and channel you should go to Google keyword planner,And take a basic idea that what amount of people doing search of your niche related keyword in search engine per month.
So you get sure that targeted keyword get search at least 100-1k per month. Mind that if your keyword is low competitive so you can get a rank when people search in your keyword your video will be show in first and you get much visitors. And other side that your keyword is too much competitive so you cannot bring a big result in search engine top ranking because other publisher doing this first.So however move forward slowly.

2. keyword research from youtube.

Your need to generate a big amount of your niche relevant right keyword.It help you to find the best keyword from your list.
So that’s a point how to find the keyword?
It is a top secret,when you search your keyword in youtube search box they give you to your niche relevant suggested keyword so you can get to their pick up. And use this method you can collect big amount of keyword.

3.Channel keyword

properly redesigned YouTube direct goes far in helping web crawlers understand your substance – and in this way, change can manufacture your situating both inside YouTube itself, and inside web files, for instance, Google.
The YouTube estimation puts a lot of criticalness on metadata, and channel watchwords are a basic bit of that. They’re fundamentally perhaps a couple word depictions of your channel that gives customers an at first idea of what your substance is about. They can be incorporated from the moved settings of the Creator Studio inside your YouTube dashboard.
Regardless, channel watchwords are only a practical situating variable in the occasion that they’re used adequately. Before picking them, attempt to coordinate comprehensive research into the catchphrases related to your industry and brand. A few awesome mechanical assemblies that can help on this front are the Google AdWords Keyword Planner, and Rank Tracker.

4.video title

Video title is most importance in seo to grow video search rank. Choose your video niche related title,thats keyword are available in title.People search and watching video that’s title are matching in her search result. So select a title with most searchable keyword. And mind that’s length are 50-60 character long.
Now I am said that make sure your targeting keyword are available in your title and tag.


Make Video description length is 250-300 keyword,some people use it 5000 character and they reached a limit its not best for seo. However make sure which keyword you used in title that’s keyword and some relevant are used in description and tag.
Do not use more than one link in description.It damage to lowering your (CTR) click through rate from search, And bring a negative result for your video.


Use tag to relevant your title and description and more collect to youtube search box what are they suggested.Use Vidlq chrome extension and play relevant video.When you play it Vidlq suggested you some keyword that use video publisher.
Tag are not most important,But it helping factor a lot of. Google or youtube do not understand your video is what about are.They mean which keyword,title description,tag are you used its same and suitable.

7.watch time

Youtube new update is 2018 need for a video watchtime.If your video is not suitable or any helpful for an audience they play your video and seen just some second.So therefore your view can be dropped.
So be careful and make a suitable high retention content that’s seen people can be helpful and attractive to see your content for increasing your video watch time.

8.Create high retention video

If you want to rank your video you need to keep audience watching.If they watching your video and make a big watch time youtube gives your video rank.However youtube wants all of audience are stay on this social platform and click for view an ad.And that’s the point if you help them with the goal they obviously give your video rank.
So at least your targeting point is encourage audience for see your video .Make sure what people want,And you keep the original thing in your video and use a intro,outro tell after finished to do like,comment,subscriber and share.

9.Use Custom Thumbnail

Always use a custom thumbnail.Thumbnail is most important for encouraging traffic in your video.They are highly impressed when they see an attractive thumbnail picture or video.
10.Create a playlist
Always create a playlist with depends on the base of your video topic.When they see a video after finished your video started your another video and you can get a lot of views.

10.Create a playlist

Always create a playlist with depends on the base of your video topic.When they see a video after finished your video started your another video and you can get a lot of views.

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